Promoting, creating and developing art & creativity from mental health service users.

Crazy? No. How about mentally AWESOME!

Big Red Carpet Nursing

Succeed, Enjoy: Thrive!


My life and having Borderline Personality Disorder


addiction mental health stigma


Mental Health

Health & Well-being via the Arts

almost normal

Just another weblog

A Hot Bath Won't Cure It

The life and opinions of Chloƫ, mad feminist

Pockets Full Of Junk

Elephants, Razors and Lunacy

Experimental Chimp

The Experimental Chimp is a depressive, sleep-inhibited monkey currently moving through the delightful UK mental health system. Will he get the help he really needs or will the doctors fail him?

Patient Anonymous: Just Another Head Case

The Perceptions of Someone with Several Psych/Neuro Disorders on Life: What Fits, What Sometimes Fits--And What Definitely Doesn't.

My Crazy Bipolar Life

Just the ramblings of a girl with a variety of mental health problems


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