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Terence Wilde at Highgate Mental Health Centre.

Last night I went to a private view of Terence Wilde’s work at Highgate Mental Health Centre. I was lucky enough to meet up with Terence, a charming man with a super sense of style. He used to be a fashion print designer but gave it up due to the demands of the job. Terence now works at Bethlem Hospital. He is also an ex-service user. Terence says his “paintings reflect tortuously working my way through life from the perspective of an adult survivor”. He also described drawing as ‘trepanning without the drilling’, one of the best and dryly funny descriptions of art as therapy that I have ever heard.

‘Tell Me About your Childhood!’

Terence is exhibiting paintings and illustration at the gallery in Highgate, and the show will be running until May 10th. There will be a special closing event for the show which I will be blogging about nearer the time.

‘In the Counting House’

Terence describes creativity “as a healing tool, emotionally to describe, spiritually to make sense of. The process of self-acceptance, of being comfortable in your own skin, is the stem of my creative processes; it has enabled me to function in a healthier, true place.”

Terence’s paintings are awesome and if you can make it please do go and check out the exhibition. My favourite work on display is the illustration but I am biased since illustration is my thing. I did take photographs but they didn’t come out very well so for now I am going to put a load of his artworks from his website up. When I go back to the exhibition I will take some better photos and put them up here.

Please check out Terence’s website here. If you would like to order prints or artwork please get in touch with Terence directly through his website contact details.
If you would like to visit the exhibition, the address is Highgate Mental Health Centre, Darthmouth Park Hill Highgate, London N19 5NX, Tel: 020 7561 4000. Please call them to find out opening times.

“Life is an unravelling of self/A skill learned/A road travelled without a map/Living life is an art form/Like origami in reverse”
-Terence Wilde, September 2005

‘Swan Lake Revisited’

‘Beloved (Kate Bush’s Angel)’

‘Case of Casey’s Vespers’

‘Don’t Look Under the Bed’

‘Bette Davis Angel’


‘Do I Look Fat in This?’

‘The Girl with Hoopla Hair’

Silvis Rivers.

Silvis Rivers, known as “Pillvis Depressely” to friends, is an artist particularly interested in illustrations, poetry and photography. He also has some amazing sculpture work. I found him through the blog Birmingham User Watch, an “Independent Occasionally Very Satired View Of Mental Health NHS Issues As Well As Those Further Afield”. His illustration series ‘The Purple Bunny Plan’ and ‘HSJ Mogger’ caught my eye and are definitely worth investigating further. You can do this by going to his Flickr profile and also employing the trusty Google machine to find out what else he is up to (the Highcroft Lifebook Film is very interesting as is ‘The Highcroft Lifebook Project & African Masks’, a project ‘In Remembrance Of My Family Of 18 Who Suffered In The Workhouse And Mental Hospital’).

The Blueberry Footed Highcroft Hospital Code-ifly
‘The Blueberry Footed Highcroft Hospital Code-ifly’

Bandage Planet Discovered By Purple Bunny
‘Bandage Planet Discovered By Purple Bunny’

HSJ MOGGER Yogic Flier x
‘HSJ MOGGER Yogic Flier’

HSJ Mogger And The Death Of Disability xxx
HSJ Mogger And The Death Of Disability

Images from ‘The Highcroft Lifebook Project & African Masks’

Art Therapy blog

Hello Everyone!

Today I’d like to turn your attention to the rather amazing blog ‘Art Therapy’. I check in with it every day to find out the latest art therapy news. It is an invaluable source for service users, art therapists, learners, facilitators and the simply interested.

On the blog you’ll find featured artists, posts by specialist practitioners, interviews, news stories and links to fascinating articles and documentaries. Make sure you do visit the Art Therapy blog by going to www.arttherapyblog.com.

I’m off to a special private view tonight at Highgate Mental Health Centre. Will report back with pictures and a write-up.



“HealthScreen”: Understanding Illness through Film

MedFest 2012 is a FREE film festival, which will tour the UK in February/March 2012. Its target audience is primarily medical students, but we expect to welcome a range of health professionals, as well as members of the public, and indeed our patients.

Films provide a powerful medium for entertainment, but also education. Public opinion is drastically swayed by moving images in the form of adverts, documentaries, public health campaigns and feature films.

The remit of MedFest 2012 is to provoke debate of the social, political and ethical implications of depictions of health and illness on our screens. When inaccurate, these portrayals can create myths, propagate falsehoods and incite stigma. But when correctly presented, they have the potential to empower patient groups and dispel prejudice.

Latest information on the next Emergence Social Network event

Latest information on the next Emergence Social Network event:

“This is to let you know the details of our next Arts and Social Network event on the 24th February.

We thought we’d try something different this month so will be attending a lunchtime piano recital by Natalia Williams-Wandoch in the St Martin-in-the-Field’s Pianists of the World Series. The programme will include compositions by Brahms and Debussy. The information for the concert states that Natalia is very keen to create programmes that are engaging and unforgettable, searching for ways to express her strong belief in the importance of music in our lives and its power to speak to everyone. Click here for further information – http://www.stmartin-in-the-fields.org/jserv/concerts/view.jsp?id=3932&command=concert.

Date: Friday 24th February
Place: St Martin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 4JJ
Time: 1pm. The concert will last about 45 minutes after which we will go for coffee as usual.

Further information about the Arts and Social Network is appended below this message. Please contact us by email or telephone 020 8233 2854/5 to either let us know you would like to attend or if you have any queries. Hope to see you on the 24th.

All best wishes

Arts & Social Network Team

Office number: 0208 233 2854/5
Head Office Address
London House, 271-273 King Street
Hammersmith, London W6 9LZ”

Izzi aka JuggleGlass

I found Izzi’s blog on her mental health related art via her website, Juggle Glass (a blog dedicated to coping with mental illness at University). Both her Juggle Glass blog and her blog on art in mental health, Herself Image, are well worth a look through so please take a minute to do so.

Izzi has had ““severe and enduring” mental health problems since my teenage years”. She says “As well as studying I do art in my spare time so I have posted some of my artwork on my site. Sometimes its hard to say things in words and my art helps me communicate my feelings better sometimes.”

Here’s a message from Izzi regarding her two websites…

“Hi there everyone.
Since I do so much art, too much to fit on my mental health art page here, I have started a separate photoblog for all my mental health artwork and photography. It will take a little while to upload all of my artwork so please be patient with me but please come on over and see what you think. The blog is called HerSelf Image. I hope you like it.
Lots of Love

A selection of Izzi’s work…