MENTAL SPAGHETTI promotes marginalised artists, encourages participation in the arts, and works in partnership with likeminded organisations and institutions. It is an ongoing project, led by multidisciplinary artist, Marie-Louise Plum.

We do three things:

| Use our strong online presence as a platform for marginalised ARTISTS, and further empower artists to develop their professional practice.

| Curate group EXHIBITIONS to showcase marginalised artists, often working in partnership with likeminded organisations and institutions.

| Facilitate creative WORKSHOPS and collaborative art projects for all, with a committed focus on inclusivity.

Mental Spaghetti also works with arts organisations, community outreach groups and clinical institutions to encourage provocative dialogues about art from marginalised artists, mental health and social exclusion, through arts and other means.

To find out more about our backstory and purpose, click here.


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We’ve recently moved our collaborative outdoor installation from the front to the back garden at Free Space Project, Kentish Town Health Centre, London.

The ‘Wellbeeing Garden’ is home to much flora and fauna, and plays an integral part to workshops led by Bess Frimodig.

You are welcome to pick herbs, sit by the pond and engage with the various workshops by contacting Free Space Project.

To visit our sculpture installation, and to see what’s blooming in the garden, please visit between the opening hours of 8:30am – 6:30pm. Address: Kentish Town Health Centre, 2 Bartholomew Road, Kentish Town, London NW5 2BX.


Spaghetti School at Free Space Gallery

Spaghetti School started up again this year. Sessions for March and May were fully booked, and well received. We have more sessions coming in October. You can sign-up for these free workshops online.  Workshops are free, but you must book a place to be on the course. We suggest signing up for the full 5 weeks of any block (May, August or October). We will be repeating August’s activities in October, so you do not need to sign up for both.

Workshops run every Friday from 2pm-5pm, during May, August and October, at The Gym Room, Free Space Gallery, Kentish Town, NW5 2BX. Map.


Roving Diagnostic Unit at William Morris Gallery

Over the last year Mental Spaghetti has been working with some fine artists and the Daily Life Ltd team, to scrutinise, digest and diagnose diagnosis itself. It’s an immense pleasure to be working on this project, and to interact with a wide audience of both fellow mental health and arts travellers, and new visitors, who may have never participated in anything quite like the RDU before.

Please do watch the video above, and look out for more Roving Diagnostic Unit visits in a space near you!

One Bare Foot Square

In collaboration with Uncooked Culture, touring exhibition featuring 78 International Artists from 15 different countries.

One Bare Foot Square is an artist-led, worldwide, collaborative travelling mosaic canvas, initiated by Uncooked Culture. Individual artworks from over 75 international artists were pieced together to form one big wall piece. Read more about it, here.

ARTISTS – more information on the artists we are working closely with, on our Featured Artists page.

EXHIBITIONS – See what’s coming up and view selected images from recent exhibitions, here.

WORKSHOPS – Find information and selected photos from our art workshops, here.