Savannah Borderline.

Savannah Borderline recently submitted some work to the website. Savannah is an 18 year old girl diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. You can read about her diagnosis, living life with mental health ‘difficulties’ (I hate this expression but struggle to find the right way to describe how we get by), and how she gets through the mh system without going totally loopsome on her blog, Life of a Maybe Borderline.

Savannah enjoys painting these characters for her fiancé, who she describes as “an obsessive computer gamer”, because she’d rather paint for someone who’ll appreciate it. I guess I should have said somewhere on the blog that I will happily take copied artwork, and that it is every bit as important as original artwork because of the therapeutic process you go through to produce a finished piece. Savannah writes on her blog “I like drawing and painting, I enjoy creating things. I am a generally creative person, it’s so therapeutic and rewarding. Creativity leads to feelings of accomplishment.”

Please follow our lovely Savannah on Twitter, friend her on Facebook and don’t forget to read her blog.


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  1. doyourememberthattime says:

    really amazing blog. the art work is wonderful.

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