Placard art, March for the Alternative.

Hello readers. I am going to suspend my strict(ish) submission rules for this post. I’d like to share with you some of the banners and placards I photographed on Saturday at the march and rally. Complete set of photos from the day here.

The day was a success. A shame about the kettling of kids in Trafalgar Square on Saturday evening. I guess the usual right-wing shock-jocks and gutter press need something to write about this week, it can’t be all Royal Wedding and I’m sure they don’t care much for the horrendous story of Eman Al-Obeidy that hardly made the news at the weekend.


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  1. Andrew Williams says:

    I am so proud that people protested against these horrendous cuts, when we are seeing the rich getting away with exploiting the system so blatantly. Also brilliant to see artists contributing to the fight and cause also, BRAVO! viva democracy and free speech!

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