Daj Mirage.

It’s been a peach of a week for submissions. First we met Hendrick Pinkle, and now, for your delectation, here’s Daj Mirage. Daj is a mental health sevice-user who has been an inpatient and uses art to communicate his experiences.
You can find more of his work and thinking at his blog, ‘Not Always So’.

The image below is titled ‘A is for Acute’, and here are some words from Daj…
“First of a series that’s based on my own experience. I’m trying to capture the real sense of distress that can accompany any mental health service user.”
-Daj Mirage


3 thoughts on “Daj Mirage.

  1. Inferno (CW) June 16, 2011 / 22:35

    I love this illustration! It speaks volumes, and is wonderful craftsmanship.


  2. Dajmirage June 29, 2011 / 23:10

    Thanks that means a lot, you know a lot about big volumes and craft. Just look above.

  3. Dajmirage June 29, 2011 / 23:12

    haha……just realised your work is not above anymore. When it was your work was great.

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