Inferno is a service user with Bipolar. She is taking medication, Lamictal and Clonazepam. It might seem a bit strange to add this but I think it’s relevant and important. Inferno is female, 35 years old and a potter by trade. She also takes part in creating other works of art, like this wonderful drawing. Inferno has signed up to the Mental Spaghetti forum as she, like me, is keen to build a community of creative service users.

“I am a 35 year old female, who just happens to be Bipolar, and an artist. I am a potter/sculptor by trade, and a dabbler at anything else that requires art supplies of any sort. Art is therapy, a pass-time, and an instinctual, absolute NEED to me. I simply must be creating something most of the time. I have been “officially” Bipolar for 5 years now. Although I know I have been most of my life. Art has been my saviour. I urge anyone, artistic or not, to try art therapy. Let those art supplies fly, you will be surprised how good it feels!”

Inferno’s website ‘The Demons Within: Being a Bipolar Artist‘. Please take a look.

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  1. SeeSaws says:

    Absolutely love that illustration!

  2. CW says:

    Thanks ! 🙂

  3. HP says:

    Really cool art! Says so much. I love where the neck meets the shoulder. I take Lamictal–have taken it for 8 years? maybe. I am the worst potter Ever. When I took the class in college, I was stunned. I’d thought I’d be decent at least. Humbled me when I was not particularly wanting to be humbled! Now, years later, my art therapist is really keen on me taking a pottery class, and I’m like, NO! You don’t understand!

  4. Inferno (CW) says:

    HP, you may benefit greatly from hand building with clay. It does not require any skill on the potters wheel at all. Free form all the way! That is, if you still like clay. Don’t give up if you are interested in pottery. It took me 2 years of school to get proficient at throwing on the wheel. Theres so much to learn about it, you just cant do it in a few classes. If your interested, dont give up!

    CW – Inferno

  5. HP says:

    Ahh–so sad! I was taking hand building! Ohh. I was so terrible. We were making bowls, and mine was thick and thin, I couldn’t get the bottom flat, etc. I mean, in general, I can DO things. It had a pretty color (it was Raku?). My grandparents had a ceramic shop. I was around the molds and slip and kilns and all that, and loved it. They would manipulate things sometimes before they got too dry. It wasn’t a fancy place–old ladies painting gnomes, and big chickens, or persian cats, etc. I’m coming out of my clam a little bit here. I looked at your blog, and I know other people with them, so I made one for myself. I feel so social!——Hendrick

    1. Inferno (CW) says:

      Yeah, im new to blogging also. Dont be surprised if you feel like you are talking to yourself for a while, if not even a little bit rejected. But, it takes a little time to build up some followers. Publish your blog url anywhere and everywhere you can find a place. It does help us all to be “social” whether we like it or not…. If nothing else I feel a bit trendy. When friends ask me what im up too, i can say “oh, nothing really, just working on my BLOG”. lol

  6. I feel like I’m talking to myself all the time on the internet. This needs to change. I have started a website, but it will be a couple of years I expect before it gets anywhere …

    I have little faith in things online. My Facebook friends are a joke, nobody talks to me on twitter unless I talk to them and I have a deep routed shame problem in really being myself.

    __ my low knows heavy depths (I’m talking generally) __ basically the long and the short of it is when I really am myself everybody thinks I’m fucking weird

    Bit of a paradox. So I run multiple twitter accounts. @schizophrenia4u for weirding everybody out (nobody ever listens?) @davesmurf for semi polite being nice person @mmmetacom for my site …

    I really depressed this evening. So just ignore me.

  7. Inferno says:

    David, I understand the problem with “being yourself”, as i think most people with mental illness do. Theres such a stigma toward it, as well as ignorant, narrow minded people who simply think that anyone who is different than themselves is WEIRD. My family is the worst. So i live in a bubble. That stuff inside my head, I couldn’t possibly let it out in its true self, as I believe i would not have a friend in the world. I mean, its nothing awful like child abuse or murdering people or anything like, but its really dark in there. I dont know what to tell you about that, because I am stuck as well. The internet is a big help in some ways, and a big problem in other ways. It does hurt my self esteem when i email people and they never email me back, or the same on facebook. But you know what. They are self absorbed assholes. Its not you. Don’t let them bring you down. Dont let the internet bring you down, it is after all, generic and impersonal when it comes right down to it. Best of luck to you, I hope you feel better soon. All things shall pass. 🙂 Feel free to post on my blog anytime, i will surely answer you. I keep a close eye on it. 🙂 Good day to you.

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