Carrie McGath

On one of my internet scours I came across an interesting meditation on Bipolar artists and the role of medication by Carrie McGath. In her article she “studies the role of  psychoanalysis in art through several different, little prisms”, such as poetry, photomontage and prose. Later in the year she goes on to write another interesting article on being an unmedicated artist with views from the patient and therapist. Please do take time to read both articles, which feature some lovely photomontage work from McGath. Also check out her website which features her publications as a poet (bio below).

Carrie’s poetry can be read online at her website,

Here is a bio from her website…
“Carrie’s first collection of poems, Small Murders, was released in 2006 from New Issues Poetry and Prose. Ward-Eighty-One and The Chase are her self-published, limited-edition collections released in 2008 and 2009, respectively.

Her newest self-published chapbook, So Sorry to See You Go, is available right here, right now. The poems are inspired by Carrie’s thesis research at the Newberry Library about the presence of the circus in the Midwest. Carrie currently lives in Chicago and is an art writer for Chicago Art Magazine.”

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