Sylvia Plath: Her Drawings

Currently on at the Mayor Gallery is an exhibition of Sylvia Plath’s black and white illustrations called ‘Her Drawings’. The exhibition features beautiful line drawings of countryside, meticulously detailed scenes of sailing boats and pots and pans as well as pretty little subjects like flowers and conkers.

It is well known that as Plath and Ted Hughes travelled around they both sketched. I’ve seen some of her drawings in biographies and other books but this is the first time the collection of drawings, done whilst on Honeymoon with Hughes in 1956, have ever been shown.

The drawings are all on sale with only 4 of 59 remaining unsold. A friend recently went to the exhibition and made the point that while it is not groundbreaking art, the work is very interesting and important, but more than anything it is your last chance to see the collection before it is sold off to various buyers and split up.

Sylvia Plath would have been 79 this year had she not taken her own life in 1963.

‘Her Drawings’ runs from November 2 until December 16 2011.


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