Lunatics Lexicon by Zoe Smith

Major excitement today as I feature an epic journey in illustration with the Lunatics Lexicon by Zoe Smith. I’ll let Zoe introduce the work herself, and if you want to see past the letter J then you will have to visit her excellent blog, Mental Political Parent.

“There is so much preamble I could put here, but I’m not going to. I’m so relieved that I got this project out of my head and onto paper before “that” feeling was gone, it’s taken almost 23 hours of almost solid work. So lots of colouring in, very little sleep, very sore hands, some scanning, lots of little niggling imperfections but here is is, my latest project. Please leave comments– I will reply- probably up until around Thursday or Friday when I will no doubt slide into my pit of black sludge again………”

The alphabet continues from J through Z over at Mental Political Parent – GO VISIT!


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  1. Zoë Smith says:

    Why thank you *blushes* I quite like the lexicon, it tells a story and as with all my blog posts has a story behind it too. I hope others enjoy it and don’t identify with too many of the drawings!


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