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  1. Inferno says:

    In my experience with a friend who I think has BPD, and from what i read, it is apparently hard to reach these people and break through to them that they have a problem they need to seek help for. Do you guys that have BPD find this to be true??? Or WAS true of you in the past before you accepted it? Just wondering because my friend is absolutely , adamently, against the whole idea. And its blatantly obvious this is what he has.

  2. Hello Inferno. I have BPD and I did not find it difficult to seek help as things got to breaking point. BPD is a highly stigmatised disorder and I’m not surprised your friend finds the suggestion a little shocking. I need to remind you that while you are convinced your friend has the disorder, he may not, but if you are really, very worried you could perhaps suggest it might be helpful to have a psychiatric assessment. BPD can be very confusing and stressful and I’m wishing you and your friend all the best.

  3. Jayden White says:

    Borderline personality disorder is characterized by impulsive actions, unstable moods, and problems having relationships with others. Many people suffering with it also have paranoid thoughts or complain of feeling “numb” or “spacey”. Along with often suffering from severe mood swings, they are often uncertain about their identity and self-image. Sufferers of BPD find that it affects many areas of their lives including work, school, relationships and physical health. Sufferers often say they feel empty so some will cut or burn themselves “to feel something”.

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