Workwise in Bury launches clothing line.

Mental health charity Workwise have launched their own clothing line. The following article and image is taken from the Bury Free Press.

You can find Workwise online here.

“Published on Thursday 15 December 2011 09:23

A MENTAL health charity has launched a clothing range aimed at military and aviation enthusiasts across the world.

Trainees at Workwise, in Bury St Edmunds, which supports people with long term mental health problems back into work, have developed The Spitfire + brand, which includes jackets, fleeces, T-shirts and caps.

Bosses are hoping the venture will be another success for the charity after it recently scooped a £10,000 award from Suffolk County Council’s Improve and Prove Fund for its boat building scheme.

Operations manager John Cahill, who conceived the brand, said: “The aviation and military paraphernalia market has a truly global following so this clothing range has the potential to be highly profitable and to raise a significant amount of funds for the charity.

“We are immensely proud of what we have achieved. It’s been a real team effort.”

Several of Workwise’s departments developed the project including IT, website design, computer aided design, photography and corporate embroidery.

The Spitfire + clothing range is available at the charity’s Cavern 4 shop, in Whiting Street, Bury or can be purchased from

n Meanwhile, the OBee Community Interest Company has scooped £5,000 from the county council for developing the Orchard Barn, in Ringshall, into an environmental education centre.

The award recognises the roof building aspect of the project in which 22 people were taught the art of roof reconstruction.

The Improve and Prove Fund recognises groups for their proactive approach to making a difference in their communities.”


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