Postcard Series Promoting Mental Health Art Show from Nick Egglington.

“Nick Egglington is a photographer and graphic designer from Adelaide South Australia. Having suffered from Bipolar and a mild form of Cerebral Palsy his whole life, his works are highly influenced by his experience of the world and focus heavily on bringing awareness of these conditions to the community.”

For more information, or to support his work, please visit his websites at (where you can download some awesome wallpapers!) and, or check out his blog for the latest articles on graphic design and photography.

Postcard Series Promoting Mental Health Art Show
Featured on the NSW CAG recovery in Art Exhibition flyer 2011
Nominated for the Collie Print Trust Graphic Design Award AGIdeas Melbourne 2009

I particularly like these wallpapers for Apple devices of the above image, “Life is a Blood Sport”.
Life Is A Blood Sport

More postcards in the series:

Creature Feature Illustrative Postcard Series

Promotional Illustration PostcardsOther works by Nick:

Handle With Care

Consumerism Editiorial Illustration


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