Izzi aka JuggleGlass

I found Izzi’s blog on her mental health related art via her website, Juggle Glass (a blog dedicated to coping with mental illness at University). Both her Juggle Glass blog and her blog on art in mental health, Herself Image, are well worth a look through so please take a minute to do so.

Izzi has had ““severe and enduring” mental health problems since my teenage years”. She says “As well as studying I do art in my spare time so I have posted some of my artwork on my site. Sometimes its hard to say things in words and my art helps me communicate my feelings better sometimes.”

Here’s a message from Izzi regarding her two websites…

“Hi there everyone.
Since I do so much art, too much to fit on my mental health art page here, I have started a separate photoblog for all my mental health artwork and photography. It will take a little while to upload all of my artwork so please be patient with me but please come on over and see what you think. The blog is called HerSelf Image. I hope you like it.
Lots of Love

A selection of Izzi’s work…


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