Imagining the Brain 2010: BrainArt

Trawling the internet looking for new articles and artists to feature on this site I stumbled across a wonderful ‘art-science’ (science inspiring art and art communicating science) competition on the subject of ‘Diversity or Disorder’ and ‘Stages of the Brain’. Please read the flyer below to find out more.

Here are some images I would like to share with you from the Imagining the Brain website.

Mental_Torture ‘Between You and Me’ by Nathalie Kantaris-Diaz, Parkside Federation
Entry in the category: Diversity or Disorder?

“I wanted to convey a strong sense of empathy to the viewer as they see the tortured man in the painting and understand the strength of his feelings. I do not want the viewer merely to dismiss him as a man with a disorder. I wanted to show the diversity of his feelings within the subtle, varied colourings of the brain, but also to show how the absolute darkness of the background threatens to engulf any other feelings present in the painting.”

Bipolar ‘Jane’ by Kate Kelly, Parkside Federation
Entry in the category: Diversity or Disorder?

“This painting is of Jane, she has Bipolar. Her bipolar interested me and I wanted to show her two sides and how the disorder affected her. I was also inspired by the TV advert of the man having a stroke, I thought that could also show bipolar in the brain. The burning and eating away the flesh gave me the idea to have the ripped canvas. I did this because we can then look inside at her depressed side and see how she feels inside.”

Anorexia‘Anorexia and Obesity’ by Ciara Byford, Parkside Federation
Entry in the category: Diversity or Disorder?

“My idea was to try and show the similarities and differences between anorexia and obesity. They are both eating disorders for people that don’t have much confidence or confidence issues with their looks but are both opposites. One forces the person to lose a lot of weight by not eating and the other makes the person overeat because they intake too much food.”

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