Harli Tree.

I recently received a submission from Harli Tree,  who lives with Dissociative Identity Disorder. Harli Tree prefers her ‘alters’ to be addressed so I will be describing Harli as ‘they’ rather than ‘her’ and ‘she’. Harli runs an impressive website for art and photography and I urge you to go and spend some time on it. They were also recently interviewed by Art Therapy Blog. I have linked to both below the bio from Harli, below.

“We were diagnosed about a year and half ago and have weekly talking and art therapy and that has now developed quickly into a website for showcasing our art and photography.   We were recently featured artist on www.arttherapyblog.com where you will see an interview and our art, and in the reflections magazine and on various other art websites – we have also exhibiting our work at an exhibition in Norwich and have 2 paintings in an exhibition at Royal Brompton Hospital.”


“We live, work and create whilst experiencing the daily challenge of Dissociative Identity Disorder. There’s the host and eight alters and photography has recently become a creative form of expression for one of the alters and the host, whilst all of us engage in Art Therapy.  The use of art in therapy enables us to communicate and express our experience in a safe way. It allows us to discharge and process these difficult experiences and feelings which, once outside, can be reflected upon by all of us. The images created help different alters to meet one another and to begin to engage with the different self-stories that they each hold for the host.”

Walking into the Fire

Harli Tree’s interview and featured on Art Therapy.
Harli Tree’s website.

More images from Harli Tree below…


Evil Passage of Time

Thinking Alone


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  1. Beth says:

    Her work is similar to Kim Noble’s. Is she inspired by her?;)

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