Lorraine Nicholson.

“I am an artist and service user with lived experience of severe depression who has used art and photography to aid recovery.”

Lorraine has recently finished work on a book of photography and writing. The central themes of the book are ‘hope’ and ‘recovery’.

“I take the metaphor of weather to represent the unfolding journey in an attempt to make it understood by any human being, as what I essentially describe is the spectrum of emotions we all find ourselves on to varying degrees at any one point in time. How we would all love to be in control of our weather patterns.”

“Since I was a small child I have been interested in making my own unique personal reponse to the world through my artwork. It is essentially what connects me to the world around me. It is my language, my way of being in the world. At the age of 15 I was introduced by my father to photography which has become a passion. Going to art school was my almost inevitable dream but I got side-tracked into “getting the proper job”! and instead went to university in Scotland to study modern languages. It was not my language…moderate depression in my final year was the sign. But I continued on the erroneous path with jobs in tourism, recreation and working for disability charities until at the age of 40 I was stopped in my tracks by major depressive illness which has seen me hospitalised four times now. However, my creative outlets gave expression in the fullness of time to my inner Angst and allowed me to use my artwork in a recovery-focused way like a purging. What emerged was a collaboration of my poetry, artwork and photography in published book form, “The Journey Home” which traces my recovery through illness to hope to recovery. I am now at art school studying film-making and photography and hoping to use it in future with my peer support skills to work alongside others so that their voices can be heard too. My website is: www.hope4recovery.co.uk


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