The Agony – Perry Barclay-Goddard

“THE AGONY started as twelve piece visual opus that allowed me to
record and process the journey of my recovery. Divergent from my
continued development as an artist these works have been fundamental
to my personal reconstruction. Having grown to 20+ individual pieces,
the series has not end or definitive number. As with my journey, THE
AGONY remains a work in progress.

Intended as a personal self reflection THE AGONY has already drawn
considerable attention, primarily from those navigating their own
journeys of recovery.

An unforeseen outcome of developing THE AGONY has been the discussions
initiated by my children. These pieces have providing a focal point,
from which they have been able to ask questions and develop a stronger
understand of who their father is.

This collection of original works covers a continuum of emotions from
desperation to hope, from surrender to rebirth. Each piece demands the
viewer evaluate their own internal turmoil to achieve a heightened
sense of self awareness. From the smaller intimate pieces to the
larger more powerful pieces THE AGONY records the journey of recovery
shared by many.”

– Perry Barclay-Goddard, 2012


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  1. artbean says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog and looking at your art. I like how you express those feelings with with the simple elements of black and white, shape and form. It really feels like what you must feel and as a whole it’s a very interesting body of work. I hope you keep going with it and other work.

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