Diagnosed with psychosis six years ago, Tempok has submitted some words and art:

“A group of masked scientists stand around a TV screen in a stark white room watching a small child while he sits on the floor playing quietly. What is he thinking? Does he know about the accident or that he’s in a coma? Does he even realise that he is creating the world around him – including his mum and dad and baby sister – in his head?

Was it ever just a game? As far back as I can remember I was always being watched. Then they wrapped cotton wool around my head and muffled the paranoia. By that time I had already learned how to escape the mental barrage: I simply shut down all of my thinking faculties – cutting my nose off to spite my face.

Now the system is slowly being rebooted…”


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  1. ArtiPeep says:

    Really fabulous images and words. I appreciated them.

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