Lazz Ozerden

Born in Hungary in 1975, Lazz now lives in north London, and has done so for over 12 years. He is currently studying, whilst working on his paintings, writing poetry and dreaming.

A few words from Lazz himself…

“I have a diagnosis, but it’s just a cheap sticker on my forehead, just like on all of us who carry  a white light and dark smoke around this town.

For me, the canvas is the place to scream into, just like into a night sky, the lover to make love with, the runaway place, the shadow in the dark that brings me light and makes me free. I paint mainly to get rid of my demons or dream about “THE WOMEN”.

My paintings are acrylic on canvas, which I apply with a variety of techniques. ”

Although Lazz does not have a website at the moment, he is contactable through Facebook and is keen to find his paintings a happy home. If you are interested in buying work by Lazz, please do not hesitate to send us an email at Mental Spaghetti, and we can put him in touch with you. Lazz is also keen to show his work in exhibitions.


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