Exhibition: Cathy Ward at Good Luck Gallery

What: UK artist, Cathy Ward. Click here for press release.
When: 05/09/15 – 03/10/15
Where: Good Luck Gallery, Los Angeles

Friend of Mental Spaghetti, Cathy Ward, has a solo show opening this weekend at Good Luck Gallery in Los Angeles.

We could do a lazy post about how intricate, complex, mysterious and other-worldly Cathy’s work is, which would be a bit like saying ‘the sky is blue, the grass is green and the sun is yellow’, but that would be crap.

So please read this article on Dangerous Minds, guest written by another Friend of Spaghetti, the artist and director Nick Abrahams, who actually introduced us to Cathy.

If you can get yourself to La La Land, you absolutely must head to see Cathy’s show. If you already live there or are in the vicinity, and don’t go, well, quite frankly, no one could help your silliness. Go, go, go!


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