Exhibition: Kayleigh Baker at King’s College London

What: ‘Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?’ by Kayleigh Baker
When: 7/10/15 until 11/12/15
Where: King’s College London, see below for full details

You are invited to the Opening Evening of Kayleigh Baker’s new exhibition
7 October 2015, 17.00 – 20.00hrs

The MRC Social, Genetic & Developmental Psychiatry Centre
Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience
King’s College London
Memory Lane, 16 De Crespigny Park, Denmark Hill, London SE5 8AF

Kayleigh Baker is pleased to present her solo exhibition entitled ‘Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?’ An exhibition showcasing her latest body of work, exploring both her interests within the realm of psychiatry and its coexistence with todays modern medical interventions. As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words and this exhibition travels through a visual journey bordering upon the boundaries of both hope and hopelessness, highlighting the verge between life and death, illness and recovery.

Sugar, most predominantly present within her latest work, is a material which in its various states forms a palette that naturally creates a glistening aesthetic appeal. As a result forming a perceivable duality between the attractive suicide sparkle or the glimmer of hope towards recovery. Whilst Baker does not deem pills to be chemical cures, the inherent dialectic that is present in the work centres on ideas of pharmacological intervention, both in terms of preserving and/or enhancing life-qualities and its potential for misuse; to end life. Too often with illness, perhaps we are confined to our pharmaceutically prescribed lives yet art offers an alternative non-prescriptive approach. It is perhaps via the existence of art that enables individuals to engage in communication both internally and externally, in ways that may not have been accessible otherwise. As a result, the arts enable a balance to be formed between the difficult realities of life as it is and our foible for idealisations of life. Is Modern Medicine really helping us, or failing us?

Ultimately, through each narrative explored, Baker believes the arts could be a considered as a catalyst, a significant contester within the therapeutic practices, which has the potential to enhance the convalesce process, both supporting and promoting our mental wellbeing. It is this vitality of the arts that she essentially seeks to explore throughout.

Kayleigh Baker was born in Kent, 1993. She lives in Canterbury and is studying towards BA (Hons) Fine Art at The University For The Creative Arts Canterbury, 2013 – Present. Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful is her first solo exhibition to date.

For further information please contact:
Kayleigh Baker, Artist


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