Borderline Arts 8 hour Artathon

Eight Hour Artathon to Tackle Mental Health Stigma

Nine artists are doing an all-nighter to make art for 8-hours straight…
“This Saturday 24th October, while you’ll all be tucked up in your beds, 9 of us are giving up our lovely warm beds for a night to spend 8 hours solid (overnight) creating art to raise money for Borderline Arts! Art will be then auctioned off on November 15th (more information on that to follow soon).”

“We each have a sponsorship page on our Local Giving Page which you can access by clicking here (click on ‘fundraisers’ in the top right corner and click on a name and go from there).”

Donations will help us to:
– Run Art therapy sessions for family/carers/loved ones of BPD
– Run Educational workshops for professionals working with people with BPD
– Run Creative expressive writing workshops for individuals affected by BPD (a compilation of pieces written will be made into a booklet dedicated to Sarah’s Auntie Marian who sadly died from suicide earlier this year)
– Make/show a film about the life of a young woman with BPD
– Raise awareness through other means – online, articles, info stalls, online/actual exhibitions and more…

“Please, please help us if you can.

Many Thanks,

Beccy, Becky, Ben, Gemma, Madeleine, Molly, Nick, Sarah and Vicky”


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Up Your Street says:

    where is it please?

    1. Sorry Gillian, I only just saw this! The event was taking place in Derbyshire.

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