Artist: Jasmine Surreal

Doris Day and Doris Night ©Jasmine Surreal

Also exhibiting at the excellent Bobby Baker/Bethlem/Outside In combo light-box show in Stratford, ‘Letting in the Light’, is Jasmine Surreal.

Jasmine describes herself as a “surrealist symbolic artist with a lot of humour”, and to this statement, we concur.

Her works are illustrative in style, and extremely playful, picking up where Edward Lear’s nonsense worlds and Simon Drew’s clever dovetailing of objects and subjects left off.

With titles such as ‘Doris Day and Doris Night’ (the work currently on display in Stratford), ‘Kraftwerk do ‘Kraft’work’, ‘Lord Biro’, and ‘Paintbrush Painting With An Artist’, we think you’ll understand why.

“I’m inspired by my own imagination, just me really, although there are artists I like. Bosch, Magritte, Dorothea Tanning. I tend to draw the image on canvas with a pencil, mainly from my own head, unless I’m drawing someone like Steve Allen (a 1950s comedian and polyglot), when I used a photograph of him. I’m very meticulous, because the images I realise are meticulous. There’s a lot of detail there, hidden objects and faces, reversals of reality.”

Jasmine is keen to share that she has been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and is currently having treatment with a hypnotherapist. She experienced childhood abuse and is currently experiencing domestic abuse, which, in her own words, is “compounding what I am experiencing – it’s important for me to be open about my experience, as it also puts context into my work, especially that humour can come from difficult experiences.”

You can see more of Jasmine’s work here, and please do visit the show in Stratford, on until March 23 – Letting in the Light. You can also buy Jasmine’s work through her online shop, here.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. upyourstreet says:

    Fab. Saw and shared

    1. Thank you! Hope you get to see the lightbox exhibition in Stratford.

    2. Jasminism! says:

      Thank you! I had a look at your site, I love your posts, very frank.

  2. Jasminism! says:

    Thank you for writing this post about me and my work. It was uncomfortable to reveal elements of my life which are painful, but its where the work comes from, and if it helps someone reading this, that there’s some light that can come from dark, then its worth the discomfort.

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