Roving Diagnostic Unit Late Spectacular

Over the last year Mental Spaghetti has been working with some fine artists and the Daily Life Ltd team, to scrutinise, digest and diagnose diagnosis itself.

We’ve so far worked at a number of places, including Shuffle Festival, Vestry House Museum, William Morris Gallery and the Wellcome Collection. It’s an immense pleasure to be working on this project, which is still continuing, and to interact with a wide audience of both fellow mental health and arts travellers, and new visitors, who may have never participated in anything quite like the RDU before.

Marie-Louise Plum, Sara Haq and Kate Rolison led diagnostic expeditionary tours of the William Morris Gallery (and, later, with Bobby Baker leading the tours, the Wellcome Collection, at the Diagnosing Diagnosis symposium, accompanying the Bedlam exhibition), using routine psychiatric methods to ask questions that spark debate amongst the participants of the group.

In addition to the RDU at the Late Spectacular, were artists and performers showing new and existing work. They were Rhiannon Armstrong (Emotion Police Emancipation Programme), Priya Mistry (Personalised Power Pants workshop), Sean Burn (workshop and performance), Dylan Tighe (performance), and, of course, Bobby Baker (How to Model Me).

The Acanthus Room was used as a mini-exhibition to display artwork produced by participants of workshops from Marie-Louise Plum, Sara Haq and Kate Rolison.

Please do watch the video above, scroll through the picture gallery below (to see the line-up and artwork from the night), and look out for more Roving Diagnostic Unit visits in a space near you!

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