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To mark the 10th anniversary of our collective F.E.E.L. (Friends of East End Loonies), are hosting the LOONIES FEST, a major diverse event to celebrate the joint work and achievements of the past decade.

We would like to invite Artists to submit their works for the group exhibition ‘SURVIVORS STORIES’.

The call is open to artists with lived psychiatric hospital/psychosis experience, as we will be celebrating past and present Survivors, patients, ex-patients, service users (whatever people prefer to be called).
The show will run between 5th to 19th September 2017.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: 15th August 2017 by 5pm

PLEASE SEND SUBMISSIONS TO: nat.kingsleyhall@gmail.com

FURTHER ENQUIRIES TO: f.e.e.l.campaign@gmail.com

LOONIES FEST web page http://bit.ly/2sh1Bbk

Facebook event page http://bit.ly/2vgCeEC


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