Lottie Matthews


“I focus on using a creative outlet as a way to challenge my own ideas of my mental health and perceptions of the world around me.

I’ve struggled with my mental health from a very young age, and focus a lot on reclaiming my own experiences, identity and thoughts through finding beautiful, cracked and honest parts of my work.

By making a physical object, adding in bits of text and “parts of myself”, I use aesthetics to connect to others – like opening up personal pages of a diary to carry on the conversation!


Concept-led into an exploration of authentic aesthetic and artistic expression, my work plays between multiple visual art mediums, such as textiles, sculpture, photography, written word and installation.

Developing tactile pieces through academic research, personal reflection and visual practices, I explore story-telling through honesty and humour to cultivate culture change within the arts.

Formed through an adoration of creative collectives, vulnerability and taking the piss out of yourself, my ideas play alongside collaged concepts of nostalgic narratives, ceramics and cracked concrete – finding the light and meaning within the little moments.”

See more of Lottie’s work below, and please visit her website at www.lottiematthews.co.uk.




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