Artist: Laura Free

“I am a self taught artist from London and work mainly with acrylic paint to create abstract-expressionist pieces that centre around themes of love, obsession and loneliness.

I often create pieces that are quite bold and vivid in nature to symbolise a sense of inner turmoil. I find that my relationship with painting helps when it comes to dealing with and understanding my own emotions.

I also suffer with Depression and Aspergers and feel art is a resourceful way to help me come to terms with these conditions. When I paint I use it as a form of therapy and find it is a form of relief. I live in personal hell and constant self doubt coping with Aspergers; I find it difficult to socialise and feel guilty for almost everything I do.

However, painting is a good coping mechanism and helps me to express how I truly feel. My paintings convey my longing for ‘normal’ healthy relationships and also the sense of isolation that I feel. As well as painting, I sometimes find poetry a release, and have started writing poems on the back of my canvases that relate to the theme of the painting at hand.

I sometimes spend days and days painting alone in my room and treat my art as a haven and safe space for truly expressing my feelings.

One day I hope to open an arts cafe that specialises in helping people with mental health issues using art as a form of rehab to combat and open up about mental health.”

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