IT’S HELL OUT THERE – New LP from John Moore

IT’S HELL OUT THERE, the new album by John Moore is out now on AWAL.

“Death, depression, heartbreak and madness never sounded so good.
A dark masterpiece from The King of Light Entertainment. Warning, contains dark matter.
“Makes T.S. Eliot sound like D:Ream””

In his own words, John Moore is a “Singer, songwriter, guitar player, writer, poet, painter, thinker and importer of Absinthe. Bipolar, insomniac, temperamental, cantankerous and occasionally amusing. Loves books, cats and rock and roll. Formerly of Black Box Recorder, and The Jesus and Mary Chain.”  John has exhibited his paintings with us many times, and works in a collaborative way with our founder, Marie-Louise Plum, on his music videos (which you can watch here).

IT’S HELL OUT THERE is available now, to download/stream via AWAL. Limited edition handcrafted CDs, made by John himself, featuring his scream painting, are available directly from at

Watch the video for the single, IT’S HELL OUT THERE, below…



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