Artist: David Eastens

David Eastens is a prolific artist, whose method is to “build up more layers, adding colours and marks bit by bit.”

He’s recently been using “emulsion paint with my acrylic paints, experimenting with different things.” David works on his paintings daily, at home and in the studio, and posts daily on social media. To me, David’s paintings are, as they say, a ‘mood’.

Screenshot 2019-07-29 at 13.26.51.png
“This is how I start a painting or work, by mark making using charcoal coloured pencils, soft pastels and white gouache. I’m just playing around mostly at this stage.”

“I’m a self taught artist from warrington.  I’ve been artistic most of my life, always enjoyed art in school, but my life growing up was a struggle because there was mental illness in the family.

My sister died at 15, then after this it changed me as a confident person to a broken, isolated lonely child, but my art got me through a lot of the time. It was therapeutic and I enjoyed the process of working with paint.

I’ve suffered with psychosis  and schizophrenia for a long time. I’ve isolated myself for a long time, not knowing how to interact with people, so I could not promote my art. I still struggle to do this a lot of the time. That’s a a bit about my life.”

David’s Instagram page shows the sheer amount of work he is producing. He’s selling original artwork and also takes commissions, and is happy to ship worldwide. See more of his work and information about his practice by following David on Instgram.

Screenshot 2019-07-28 at 14.32.17.png



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