The Mind Machine

The Mind Machine, was a group exhibition from artists on the fringes, all with lived experience of not-so-straightforward mental health make-up. ­

The Mind Machine featured new and existing artwork from Yvonne Mabs Francis, John Moore, Jan Arden, Marie-Louise Plum, Mikey Georgeson, Lazz Ozerden, Vincent Black and Terence Wilde.

We curated a show exhibiting 2D and 3D visual art, that charts ebbs and flows of life experience: from surrealist, large-scale paintings, documenting residency in a psychiatric hospital and detailed pen and ink drawings of shamanistic projections to fantastical collaged worlds of childhood fear and fantasy. Our aim was to guide our audience through the usually locked corridors of our mind – our universe.

The exhibited artists are, in the main, considered ‘Outsider Artists’ as they do not fit into the mainstream art world. Beyond the mainstream – as outsiders, visionaries, fellow travellers of suspended reality – they were a combination of trained and self-taught artists, having exhibited both widely (mainly with outsider art organisations, such as Outside In and Paris Outsider Art Fair) and not so widely.


For clinicians, we run like machines; we can be described, diagnosed, dissected. Our physical brain runs on a form of petrol, it can malfunction, it can sometimes be mended – under the bonnet, like a car in a garage – and sometimes assigned to a scrap heap.

Although it can be argued our first universal truth is that we create our own reality, it is more widely accepted that we learn to function through existing foundations of knowledge.

If our mind is our own universe, what is the universal truth? Is the mind a simply a complex set of pre-programmed functions, knowledge learnt a priori or a posteriori, or something otherworldly…an imagined or perceived reality?

In The Mind Machine, through paintings, drawings, collage and sculpture we express our own experiences of the mind, and of reality, our own universe, documented through various mental states, offering you a glimpse into our world translated through art.


Our exhibition featured an exciting array of work from both established and emerging artists. Original artworks, prints, and art objects were available to buy.

The Mind Machine ran from Monday 18th – Saturday 23rd January 2016. We held a very successful private view on Tuesday 19 January 2016, which boosted sales and exposure to the artists on show. We were also very proud to receive press coverage from Raw Vision and Disability Arts Online.