MENTAL SPAGHETTI promotes marginalised artists and encourages participation in the arts. It is an ongoing project, led by London based British artist, Marie-Louise Plum. We do three things:

* Use our strong online presence as a platform for marginalised ARTISTS.

* Curate group EXHIBITIONS to showcase marginalised artists.

* Facilitate creative WORKSHOPS for all, with a committed focus on inclusivity.


Marie-Louise Plum wanted to combine her personal experience of navigating the NHS mental health system whilst also trying to carve a niche for herself as an artist in the hard to access ‘mainstream’ art world, to help others in similar situations.

Mental Spaghetti started life as a personal blog to share stories from years ‘in service’. Whilst sharing stories of life behind the scenes of mental health care was cathartic for a while, Marie-Louise wanted to do more with the readership she had built up.

The blog became a platform to share, promote and discuss both mainstream and marginalised artists, and is now a collective of sorts, pooling resources and practitioners, both clinical and creative, to promote the work of marginalised artists and encourage participation in the arts.

We work inclusively with people of all backgrounds and situations, who feel themselves marginalised from the mainstream art world.

We are a non-profit project – any funds made go straight back into the Mental Spaghetti pot for future activities.

For more information, please contact Marie-Louise Plum directly.


Marie-Louise Plum
Founder of Mental Spaghetti, Lead Artist

Simona Pesce
Artist’s Assistant, Treasurer

Melissa Hardwick – Director, Free Space Gallery.
Steering Group

Kate Keara Pelen – Artist, Creative Director, The Nomad Cinema
Steering Group

Bobby Baker – Artist, Creative Director, Daily Life Ltd