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Fenna Berry

We were recently contacted by Fenna Berry. Loving what we saw, we took time to go through her tumblr page. What we found astounded us - not only for the sheer amount of work on show - but for how accomplished the various styles and mediums are. From fine art painting, Manga-influenced comic narratives, design,… Continue reading Fenna Berry

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Artist: Chris Gray

"Hi, I’m Chris Gray. I'm forty eight years old and have a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia which is largely under control by the correct medication. I grew up in Littlehampton and I've lived in Brighton for over twenty years. Early hand drawn images I've been using computers to create images, animations, interactive pieces and music… Continue reading Artist: Chris Gray

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Paintings & Words by Sarah Tansey

Sarah Tansey is an artist, writer, burlesque art model and cabaret dancer. She's also a single mum to an eighteen year old, who found herself in the clutches of paranoid schizophrenia when her son was just nine months old. Waiting until he was an adult to tell her story, Sarah has published a short, cutting,… Continue reading Paintings & Words by Sarah Tansey

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Update from Bethlem Gallery

On the 19th of February, The Bethlem Gallery and Museum will open the doors to a new, state of the art building which will be home to the Bethlem Gallery, Bethlem Museum of the Mind and Bethlem archives. Below is a summary of the first three exhibitions taking place in the building. Bethlem Museum of… Continue reading Update from Bethlem Gallery

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An essay on art & medication by Karen Sorensen

"I am schizoaffective, badly disabled, and I have devoted my life to making oil paintings.  Two years ago I started lowering my antipsychotic medication for health reasons.  I believe that my art changed.  I believe that I am more creative on lower medication.  Seeing my art change has motivated me to stay on very little… Continue reading An essay on art & medication by Karen Sorensen

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Flight of Ideas at Bethlem Gallery

A Bethlem Gallery showcasing the innovative arts in health initiatives across Europe, 2 - 25 October 2013 10 October World Mental Health Day "To celebrate world mental health day 2013 the Bethlem Gallery is staging an exhibition of postcards made by artists staying and working in hospitals across Europe. Flight of Ideas is an international… Continue reading Flight of Ideas at Bethlem Gallery

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Ali Fisher

"I suffer from mental illness myself and am still in the services since 1996. I am now 36 years old and have used art to cope with my illness of schizoaffective disorder. Here is some of my art done in oil, acrylic and charcoal. This painting is called 'A soul of entrapment', hence the fist… Continue reading Ali Fisher