If you’d like to submit your artwork to Mental Spaghetti, read on…

Artists: If you would like to submit your own work, there is only one strict submission guideline – you must consider yourself a ‘marginalised artist’, that is to say, an artist who finds it difficult to access the mainstream art world due to physical and/or mental health and/or social circumstances, and be prepared to give us a little background. We will never ask you to disclose anything specific, nor print anything you are not happy with. We like to add personal stories with our blog posts, to inspire others.

Mental Spaghetti works mainly with artists whose primary issues are lived or current experience of mental health distress, although we do feature artists finding it hard to access the mainstream art world because of issues such as drug and alcohol misuse, homelessness, and a number of other difficult circumstances that can impact on artistic practice and development.

Please bear in mind that although we look at and reply to every submission, we cannot always publish a blog post about your work.

If you would like to send work for submission please send it to

Writers: If you would like to write an article for Mental Spaghetti – covering anything at all to do with artists at risk of marginalisation, or mental health and the arts, advertise a mental health/arts related event, review something you have seen, or let us know of an event that is happening, please email us.