Susan Spangenberg

“Art allows me to express the thoughts and feelings that terrify me. The act of creating is painful but healing at the same time.” –Susan Spangenberg Susan Spangenberg is an untrained, self-taught artist. The majority of her artwork is about her struggle living with mental illness. Susan started painting and self-harming at the age of … Continue reading Susan Spangenberg


Artist: Jasmine Surreal

Doris Day and Doris Night ©Jasmine Surreal Also exhibiting at the excellent Bobby Baker/Bethlem/Outside In combo light-box show in Stratford, 'Letting in the Light', is Jasmine Surreal. Jasmine describes herself as a "surrealist symbolic artist with a lot of humour", and to this statement, we concur. Her works are illustrative in style, and extremely playful, … Continue reading Artist: Jasmine Surreal

Savannah Borderline.

Savannah Borderline recently submitted some work to the website. Savannah is an 18 year old girl diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. You can read about her diagnosis, living life with mental health 'difficulties' (I hate this expression but struggle to find the right way to describe how we get by), and how she gets through … Continue reading Savannah Borderline.