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Siris Hill

Siris Hill is a self-taught artist whose creative practice is centred around Renaissance and Baroque inspired figurative painting. His work explores the effects of mental illness and other psychological conditions of the mind on an individual. Focusing on the struggle of perception, he depicts the beauty of individuality, but the strongest message is the struggle… Continue reading Siris Hill

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Exhibition: Cross-Pollination at Dragon Café

What: Exhibition of visual art from service users and providers When: May 2-30, Mondays only Where: Dragon Café, Southwark, London ARTISTS: PERRY BARCLAY-GODARD – TERENCE WILDE – MARIE-LOUISE PLUM - MIKEY GEORGESON – JAN ARDEN - LAURA GREENWAY – SUSAN MARY GRATWICK – JASMINE SURREAL – TIM BRADFORD – RICHARD CORRIGALL – MEGAN WHINTON –… Continue reading Exhibition: Cross-Pollination at Dragon Café

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Artist: Tim Bradford

   'The Twelve Pins, Finsbury Park', and, 'Better Red Than Dead' "For starters, I'm going to try not to talk about myself in the third person. There's no way Tim Bradford is going down that route. The work on my website is divided into seven categories, each containing a small series of paintings representing a… Continue reading Artist: Tim Bradford

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Artist: Jasmine Surreal

Doris Day and Doris Night ©Jasmine Surreal Also exhibiting at the excellent Bobby Baker/Bethlem/Outside In combo light-box show in Stratford, 'Letting in the Light', is Jasmine Surreal. Jasmine describes herself as a "surrealist symbolic artist with a lot of humour", and to this statement, we concur. Her works are illustrative in style, and extremely playful,… Continue reading Artist: Jasmine Surreal

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The Mind Machine

Our first exhibition of the year, at the Menier Gallery, London, has swiftly come, and all too swiftly gone. The Mind Machine was a week-long exhibition featuring eight of the ten artists we are working closely with - Yvonne Mabs Francis, John Moore, Jan Arden, Marie-Louise Plum, Mikey Georgeson, Terence Wilde and Vincent Black. By… Continue reading The Mind Machine

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Spirit Parlour at Free Space Gallery

What: Exhibition and workshops Where: Free Space Gallery, Kentish Town, London When:Opening Night: Wednesday 11th November, show runs 2-27/11/15 Artist in residence Philly Hunt showcases her work in progress, 'Spirit Parlour', on the theme of 'safe spaces', identity, memory and talismans. The show and workshops are an extension of Philly's personal experiences. Philly says "I… Continue reading Spirit Parlour at Free Space Gallery

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Exhibition: Exploring the unconscious, Freud Museum

What: Art exhibition,'someunconsciousthings' When: Ends 4th October, 2015 Where: The Freud Museum, London Running until 4 October 2015, the exhibition someunconsciousthings is a collection of art works and writing on what Goldsmiths’ experienced art therapists understand the unconscious to be, both individually and as a group. Explore the unconscious at the Freud Museum, 8 September… Continue reading Exhibition: Exploring the unconscious, Freud Museum