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A huge ‘thank you’ from Barking!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who came down to our private view for the Mental Spaghetti group show in Barking last Friday, and to our ever-helpful and accommodating hosts, Studio 3 Arts. An especially big thank you and congratulations goes to our featured artists! The exhibition continues until Friday 24th July, so we aren't putting all… Continue reading A huge ‘thank you’ from Barking!

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Creativity and Social Support in Mental Health

Some time ago, Mental Spaghetti was cited as a resource for further reading in Roberta McDonnell's book, Creative and Social Support in Mental Health. Roberta has recently got in touch to provide a summary PDF to readers of Mental Spaghetti as the book may prove useful. The book is available to buy, however it's rather… Continue reading Creativity and Social Support in Mental Health

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‘Behold Continues to Retreat’ at Bethlem Gallery

Face on Walk By Anthony Green Curated by Mark Titchner 27 May – 4 July 2015 Including works by Albert, Anna Barriball, Anthony Green, Barrington, Chantal Joffe, Dan Duggan, David Musgrave, David Beales, Ewan Gibbs, Matthew, Paul Noble, Peter White, Raymond, Sam Sakya. ‘Behold Continues to Retreat’ is an exhibition curated by Mark Titchner that… Continue reading ‘Behold Continues to Retreat’ at Bethlem Gallery

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Cee Smith

"I am a newly established visual artist,  tattooist and author. I always have been in touch with my creative side and have a passion for sharing my skills with the world. I was very good at art at school in particular drawing and painting were my two favourite subjects. I did not go on to… Continue reading Cee Smith

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The profound value of arts in homelessness

Guest article by Francesca Baker. Image credit: SkidRobot Source: Huffington Post It’s a narrow-minded assumption that the only thing that is needed to alleviate homelessness is homes. Becoming homeless is a complex experience and is rarely just financial, with relationship breakdown, substance abuse, mental health issues and trauma often within the mix. As a result,… Continue reading The profound value of arts in homelessness

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Borderline Arts launches ‘Enigma’

Art venture helps “break down significant stigma and shame surrounding an illness that kills 1 in 10 of those diagnosed” says project founder. Vulnerable residents battling Borderline Personality Disorder have found new hope through an unprecedented art project in Derby, founded by an individual who has been close to losing her life to the illness… Continue reading Borderline Arts launches ‘Enigma’

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The Daily Life Ltd needs YOU!

Our friends and comrades in art and mental health, The Daily Life Ltd, led by Bobby Baker (not a man), have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for 3 new animations starring Dr Bobby, Roxy and Rudi. Together they will spread the word about their fantastic arts & mental health programme. Can you help? Here… Continue reading The Daily Life Ltd needs YOU!