FEATURED: ‘Suburban English Magick’ at the CCCA.

“Behind every brutal scene/there is beauty/in Suburban English Magick: Peer in to the world of semi-rural village life in the Shires. Modern day folklore, witchcraft and the uncanny, dressed in sportswear, driven in souped-up race cars, depicted in paint and recited in tongue.” Large scale live painting and audio installation by Mental Spaghetti founder, Marie-Louise Plum….

Exhibition: The Deadends, London

What: The Deadends, multidisciplinary, visual art, installation and performance When: Open weekends 12–5pm, until March 12, 2017 Where: Studio One Gallery, 7–9 Wandsworth Plain, London SW18 1ES. Map The Deadends – A celebration of a made-up culture The documentary The Deadends (in search of truth) was recently shown at the ICA 100 years of Dada,…