TAIESEID: A Multi-media and oft (accidentally) installation artist with a working practise on mental health, specifically with an autobiographical focus on anorexia and borderline personality disorder.

A recent Fine Art graduate from Liverpool School of Art and Design, I have just undertaken my first international residency at Arts, Letters & Numbers in New York, USA.

I am also a recovering anorexic and bulimic, and current sufferer of borderline personality disorder, anxiety and depression. I have spent large portions of my life in inpatient mental health facilities and my practise focuses on mental health and, mostly, anorexia.”

See more at http://taieseid.com.



“I created the installation ‘Heterotopia’, which focuses on anorexia and the in-between living. It is a sound and film interactive piece, which consists of a 3/5 sided space panelled with reflective silver materials and a ‘squishy floor’.

The film and audio is 9 minutes long, with a 5 min gap between rolls to allow people to explore the squishy floor become ‘comfortable’ before the piece starts. Size wise, it is perhaps the end of a room or even a corridor would work so long as the floor and back wall and ceiling could be completely covered and the two sides left blank for reflections.

Below are some stills from a recent showing of Heterotopia at the Tertium Quid exhibition at the Arts, Letters & Numbers Institute in NY. “

If any of you readers with a suitable space out there think Heterotopia might be appropriate for your programme, please contact Taieseid via her website.


FREE Therapeutic Art Group & Creative Writing Workshop (Derby)

More information below flyer…

Borderline Arts raise awareness of Borderline Personality Disorder and empower those with with the condition and their care-givers/loved one. We are the only BPD-specific charity in the UK and have some exciting FREE activities coming up…

Therapeutic Art Group
This is an informal space, where those affected with BPD can get creative and express themselves in a safe environment, run by an Art Therapist. The sessions are from 10.30-12pm at 119 Osmaston Road, Derby on the following dates: Jan 16 & 30, Feb 13 & 27, March 12 and one more date tba). You can find more information here and on the attached poster.

Creative Writing Workshop
We’re holding a free day-long creative writing workshop on Monday 25th January 2016 for those with or affected by BPD. It will be held at 119 Osmaston Road, Derby from 10am – 4pm. The qualified creative writing workshop facilitator will help participants to create a piece(s) of writing/poetry to express their experience of BPD. There is the potential of the pieces of writing being compiled into a booklet, but only if participants wish to do this. Please email contact@borderlinearts.org to book a place! You can find further information on the attached flyer.

Mental Spaghetti Roadshow at Studio 3 Arts, Barking, London.

What: Workshops and exhibition
Where: Studio 3 Arts, Boundary Road, Barking, IG11 7JR. Tel: 020 8594 7136
When: See workshop information, below.

We’re hitting the road again, Jack, and this time we’re in Barking, East London, at the bloody marvellous community arts hub, Studio 3 Arts!

From Monday 6 July until Friday 24 July 2015 we present to you, dear readers, a series of creative arts workshops and a three week exhibition featuring the work of Jan Arden, Marie-Louise Plum, Lazz Ozerden and David Feingold.


Our first week sees poet and comedian, John Hegley, leading a creative writing and drawing workshop – different from the one we just put on at Kentish Town Health centre, although, those of you who attended that workshop may very well want to come to this one too. The workshops run from 1-4pm on Tuesday 7 July, and 10am-1pm on Thursday 9 July, with a one hour plaster casting session before the creative writing and drawing starts. If you do not want to come to the future plaster workshop, you are welcome to arrive at 2pm and 11am respectively.
Free tickets here: Tuesday session / Thursday session.

Creative writing and drawing workshop

Week two is printmaking week, with Sue Royle.
Sue has been a Foundation Art lecturer, professional printmaker and painter for many years, having also had a successful career in illustration. Following on from what you have learnt and produced with John Hegley, we will focus on themes already explored and produce small woodcut relief prints with oil based ink. This session runs from 2-5pm.
Free tickets here: Tuesday session / Thursday session.

Plaster casting in a workshop

In the third week you will be working under the guidance of our lead artist, Marie-Louise Plum. In response to the prints you have made with Sue Royle, we will carve into, burnish and decorate plaster of paris sculpture forms. Please note, we will be casting these forms in the first hour of the John Hegley workshop in week one. This session runs from 2-5pm.
Free tickets here: Tuesday session / Thursday session.

A quick note to bear in mind about the workshops – we are doing two of the same workshop per week, a repetition, not an extension of the first in the week. By all means, if you’d like to come to all six workshops, please do, but we will be doing the same activity in the second workshop of the week. If you are keen to make as much work as you can, then you are welcome to come to both, or if you would like to continue developing the skills you learnt in the first.

We must stress, you will likely have some extra attention while the class is working away, perhaps learn a new technique or two, but you will be expected to carry on your work from the first workshop while the others in the group, who have not yet done the activity, will be learning what you have already done. Okay? Good!

The outcome of attending all three (or six, if you so wish) workshops is a small body of portfolio standard work which you will be able to add to your existing portfolio, or put towards creating one. We will do a follow-up workshop where you can photograph and mount your work, assisted by Marie-Louise Plum. You will be able to photograph all your work, and take your creations home with you.

All workshops are free of charge, limited to ten people per workshop. We have kept the numbers smaller this time so we can give each person more one-to-one attention in the workshops.

If you would like to download the PDF press release with all the information of the exhibition and workshops, click here.


Our Barking exhibition features work from Jan Arden, Marie-Louise Plum, Lazz Ozerden and David Feingold. Opening hours: Mon-Fri, 09:30-17:30
Private View: Friday 10th July, 6-9pm – all welcome.

‘Wrestling with the Bull’, Jan Arden

Jan Arden: Jan will be exhibiting large scale detailed shamanistic drawings, combining Celtic knot-work with African faces and south American Shamanistic Aztec priests,  peoples, animals, symbols and shapes. He creates what he sees on the paper after moving the Biro in dance-like movements, eyes closed and reaching into the subconscious for inspiration and guidance. With no formal training Jan considers himself an Outsider Artist, unbridled and free to express all that he needs through the medium of his artistic talent. Jan was born in Dublin, Ireland, of mixed Irish Dominican parentage and weaves together the cultural style and artistic influences of his heritage.

’12 Months’, Marie-Louise Plum

Marie-Louise Plum: Marie will be exhibiting a variety of drawing, paint and collage, and her collection of illustrated masks, all focusing on themes of collecting, preservation, letting go, memory, mental states, sense of self and identity. Marie-Louise is a multidisciplinary artist whose work takes shape as long-term, thoroughly documented research projects which more often than not follow themes of social alienation, personal boundaries, subversion, ambiguity and mortality. Marie does this through the medium of drawing, painting, collage and collecting. She also builds and makes objects and site-specific, interactive installations.

‘Heaven Running Down to Hell’, Lazz Ozerden

Lazz Ozerden: Lazz will be exhibiting his acrylic paintings on canvas, “a place to scream into, just like into a night sky, the lover to make love with, the runaway place, the shadow in the dark that brings me light and makes me free.” He “paints mainly to get rid of my demons or dream about ‘The Women’.”

‘Seeing the Light’, David Feingold

David Feingold: David, a ‘visual designer’, will be exhibiting his digital collages. He has found a way to turn pain into pictures and anguish into art – which he calls Disability Art – in the form of digital visual assemblages. “My art is inseparable from my visceral experience of life with bipolar disorder, seizure disorder and ADHD, stemming from a pedestrian car accident. Fortunately, I was the pedestrian, not the driver. The driver has likely amassed his/her fair share of bad karma for leaving the scene of the accident—and me, unconscious. In a world made personal through the lens of my impairments, I have found a way to communicate my innermost feelings about the self behind the impairments; the self behind the cognitive and emotional deficits; the self behind the sometimes disparaged social persona. My art exposes and expresses not only my vulnerabilities, but my defiance in succumbing to the slippery slope of despair. Thus, nested in my disability remains my strongest ability — hope.

Cee Smith

“I am a newly established visual artist,  tattooist and author. I always have been in touch with my creative side and have a passion for sharing my skills with the world. I was very good at art at school in particular drawing and painting were my two favourite subjects. I did not go on to formally pursue art at any point until now. It has always been my dream to become an artist and follow in the foot steps of legendary artists like Van Gogh who also became an artist in later on in life and has given me much inspiration.

I have Borderline Personality Disorder comorbidity with Bipolar II which gives me the ability to use my unpredictable emotions in my art. I also have dyslexia which helps much with my creative nature naturally I am a person of the right side of the brain. My goals for the future would be to keep improving and developing my art skills and become a recognised portrait artist/tattooist. This privilege of being featured on Mental Spaghetti will help to give people the opportunity to view my work and help to reduce the stigma and raise awareness for mental health.”

Borderline Arts launches ‘Enigma’

Art venture helps “break down significant stigma and shame surrounding an illness that kills 1 in 10 of those diagnosed” says project founder.

Vulnerable residents battling Borderline Personality Disorder have found new hope through an unprecedented art project in Derby, founded by an individual who has been close to losing her life to the illness several times.

Local Charity ‘Borderline Arts’ is excited to launch ‘Enigma’ – an art exhibition aiming to break down stigma surrounding a severe mental health condition called Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). This exhibition is made up of artwork created by people with BPD. The artists have worked with support artists from the local community to help create images, paintings, sculptural pieces and poetry. The artwork expresses many aspects of living with BPD which the artists felt important to share. There is also a collaborative interactive, installation piece made by several of the artists.

Sarah Eley (who founded Borderline Arts) said ‘Borderline Arts began as a small idea of using the artwork that I’d created to express how it felt to live with BPD to somehow help others understand the condition more. I’d experienced so much stigma because of having a diagnosis of BPD and all that went with it. I was often scared to seek help when (especially medical help), as many of the attitudes I experienced caused me to leave feeling more unwell than before. Many times, this lead to further self harm or attempted suicide. 1 in 10 people with BPD die from suicide and I believe that this number would be considerably less if people felt they were able to access support when they need it, without being judged.’

After exhibiting her own artwork at Artcore’s Gallery in Derby, Sarah felt like she had found a voice and she wanted to give other people with BPD the opportunity to do the same. ‘Enigma’ is a direct result of that. Taking part in this exhibition has been an empowering experience for many of the artists, who can often feel very isolated and misunderstood: ’Being involved in this exhibition gave me the chance to use creativity to understand my condition more. I got to meet others with the same diagnosis, sharing feelings and ideas. Being a part of the Enigma exhibition has enabled me to to become less isolated and to feel part of a team, whilst also giving me a chance to help achieve our common goal of raising awareness and reducing the stigma surrounding BPD’.

Steve Trenchard (Chief Executive of Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust) will be opening the launch evening on Monday 20th April from 7-9pm at Quad, Market Place, Derby. Wine and nibbles will be available to purchase from the Bar. The exhibition will remain open until 25th should you be unable to make the opening evening, but still wish to visit the exhibition at another time. The opening hours are: Tuesday 21st to Saturday 25th: 12am – 8pm. More information can be found on our website: www.borderlinearts.org.uk or by emailing us at admin@borderlinearts.org.uk

Music and Madness: Derby

On Saturday 20th September at 7.30pm, Borderline is holding ‘Music and Madness’ – a concert showcasing fantastic local musicians at St Peter’s Church, Littleover!

St Peter’s Church is a gorgeous traditional church building with fantastic acoustics. There will be a wide range of music and styles ranging from cellists to singers and from Italian arias to modern music! Amidst the music performances, there will be comical poems around the theme of madness.

What’s This For?

This is an event to raise awareness of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and to raise money to enable Borderline to continue to carry out their work.

What Does Borderline Do?

Borderline uses the arts and creativity to raise awareness and reduce stigma surrounding Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). We do this through art exhibitions, creative workshops, theatre performances, campaigning for BPD treatment and much more.

BPD is a severe and enduring mental health condition. It is estimated that 1 in 100 people are diagnosed with BPD. Those with the condition are often stigmatised by those around them, including those working in the mental health field. (You can read more about that here).

Many people with BPD are reluctant to accept the diagnosis (and therefore the treatment on offer), due to associated stigma. This reluctance to seek treatment, or even complete reluctance to seek any help worsens the individual’s mental health and can even lead to suicide. Shocking statistics show that as many as 1 in 10 people with BPD die as a result of suicide!

But Borderline are doing all they can to change this situation and to improve the lives of those with BPD.

How do I get hold of tickets?

By coming along you will be helping us improve (and even potentially save) the lives of those with BPD! You can get your tickets online or you can pay on the door. You can book online at: http://www.borderlineart.co.uk/music-and-madness

Please email admin@borderlineart.co.uk if you would like more information or any help booking tickets.

Hope to see you there!

PS. Don’t forget to save room for pudding on Saturday night, as there will also be scrumptious homemade cakes and drinks for sale!