Derek Collins \ D+SEA

all words and artwork, ©Derek Collins. If you would like to get in touch with Derek, please email us. I ain't sure if this makes sense... but I reckon "sense" is a commodity I bartered long long many moons time ago... Am  a  epileptic ex-junkie word wranglin' music manglin' monad... presentin' these pictorial pustules...a pair … Continue reading Derek Collins \ D+SEA


‘Behold Continues to Retreat’ at Bethlem Gallery

Face on Walk By Anthony Green Curated by Mark Titchner 27 May – 4 July 2015 Including works by Albert, Anna Barriball, Anthony Green, Barrington, Chantal Joffe, Dan Duggan, David Musgrave, David Beales, Ewan Gibbs, Matthew, Paul Noble, Peter White, Raymond, Sam Sakya. ‘Behold Continues to Retreat’ is an exhibition curated by Mark Titchner that … Continue reading ‘Behold Continues to Retreat’ at Bethlem Gallery