Artist: Jasmine Surreal

Doris Day and Doris Night ©Jasmine Surreal Also exhibiting at the excellent Bobby Baker/Bethlem/Outside In combo light-box show in Stratford, 'Letting in the Light', is Jasmine Surreal. Jasmine describes herself as a "surrealist symbolic artist with a lot of humour", and to this statement, we concur. Her works are illustrative in style, and extremely playful, … Continue reading Artist: Jasmine Surreal


Spirit Parlour at Free Space Gallery

What: Exhibition and workshops Where: Free Space Gallery, Kentish Town, London When:Opening Night: Wednesday 11th November, show runs 2-27/11/15 Artist in residence Philly Hunt showcases her work in progress, 'Spirit Parlour', on the theme of 'safe spaces', identity, memory and talismans. The show and workshops are an extension of Philly's personal experiences. Philly says "I … Continue reading Spirit Parlour at Free Space Gallery