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Exhibition: Marius Els for World Mental Health Day

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What: Visual art exhibition from artist Marius Els
When: 1-4pm, Monday October 10th, 2016
Where: Mind, Haringey, North London

Photographer and artist Marius Els is showing selected work from previous exhibition ‘Seasons of the Mind’, plus a new body of work, ‘A Life Time’, for one day only  at Station House, Haringey, in support of Mind and World Mental Health Day.

Marius combines photography, collage and mixed media to create beautiful and magical works of art. Don’t miss it!

For more information about his work, including an in-depth description of ‘A Life Time’, please visit Marius Els online.

Guest Artist: Valerie Pannier

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I view my artistic practice as essentially experimental and experiential.

“My focused line of enquiry is the physical and mental feelings of synchronicity via movement and stillness, filled-up and empty space. I create shapes that remind me of the underwater world with all its fertility and mystery, and the symbiosis between elements.

I choose mainly black and white as a metaphor to my ‘everything or nothing’ way of thinking and feeling, yet simultaneously I actively compensate by searching for a balanced visual solution.

My 3D eggshell objects stem from the complex issues surrounding life and the transformations possible within, every fragment of shell found his place onto a new object. A reminder of how our personality is affected from childhood to adulthood and beyond, how it can be broken and reshaped.

My relationship with my work is intense, lonely, playful and personal, and short lived.

There is a feeling of urgency, to release something quickly because it cannot stay the same.

Automatically, I take that moment to its fullest, often destroying or giving the piece away afterwards as if my engagement with it has already gone.

I sometimes regret it as one might regret an old flame.

I have just been awarded a small grant from the Maudsley, to continue with my black and white drawing and photography works. I’m currently printing onto fabric my black and white drawings to add an element of life to them.”

To connect Valerie about here work, you can email here, here.

Art Opportunity: Tight Modern 2016

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What: Tight Modern 2016 exhibition
When: Deadline is 30th October 2016
Where: Touring Exhibition

“We are delighted to announce Tight Modern 2016 is open for submissions from marginalised & disabled artists.

Tight Modern is tight! Entries must be 13cmx18cm in portrait format, with a maximum depth of 2cm. You can submit original artworks, photography or computer generated images.

The competition is open until 30th October 2016.

Our brand new website is also being launched alongside the competition; for details about how to submit work, our numerous prizes, upcoming free workshops and more go to

A pdf of the A4 poster for can be found here.

For information on how to submit to the Tight Modern, and details of our fantastic prizes and the accompanying free workshops, go to our brand new website:”

Artist: Myfanwy Dabner

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Our guest artist this week is Myfanwy Dabner, from Ballarat, Australia. In this article, Myfanwy examines the ways in which she processes inspiration, the new directions and inspirations she is drawing on, as well as understanding the meaning of being a marginalised artist, and what connotations the term invokes.

“Over a month ago I was thinking about printmaking and mental illness, as a place to make art from, and to have a subject matter for Uni art school requirements.

As I do printmaking a lot and as I have mental illness permanently these were my easy and obvious choices; make prints about my mental illness.

Now after some investigation into Outsider Groups and their art forms I am looking at the art of children and the art of the mentally ill, whilst ditching a totally printmaking focus to allow art in more forms.


I go with the genres that catch me. I have gone to the art of my children, my brother and my own children’s art, my art made when ill, and just plain old improvisation and make do to make new works.

I will abstract, repeat, cute-i- fy, blacken, follow and break rules, stencil, and other endless ways to make art works. So far I have dabbled in jagged three-dimensional shapes with UV and fluorescent colours. Perhaps I will use invisible UV markers to write a hidden poem.

My work from 15 years ago was brightened with fluorescent pencils, and I have a returned desire to use them. I want to be informed from viewing the untrained, relaxed, strong, wild, gestural, naive marks of my children’s artworks. I need to loosen up.

The work I make is also influenced by mental availability, mindset, mood – the pain within, the love, the needing to form something. Generally speaking, high energy can cause some illness, it can’t always be maintained, eventually dropping into depression, getting a few weeks here and there for busy making.

In conclusion, my place to work from has not completely shifted from printmaking and mental illness but has grown to include the art of children, my children, as inspiration and that I may make art in a variety of forms.

I now also understand the term Outsider Art and the meaning of marginalisation. I am putting myself forward as acceptable with illness. Will I be only seen for my illness and thus marginalised? I don’t know yet. I do know though I am substantiating the art of the mentally ill by proposing it to my teachers as an acceptable area to draw from in art practice.

I am also putting forward the techniques of children’s art as acceptable techniques for making in art. Please enjoy the pictures, including monotypes, improvised work and art by my children.”

Visit the website site Narrator International to search and find some of Myfanwy’s short stories and poetry.

Follow the link to view ‘The Artist’

Exhibition: What Goes On In the Mind

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What: Exhibition, ‘What Goes On In the Mind’
When: June 4th – July 4th, Reception Drinks June 11, 2-4pm
Where: Oxford Town Hall Gallery, St. Aldate’s, OX1 1BX

Opening Drinks Reception, this Saturday, June 11th, 2-4pm. All welcome! Facebook Event Page

Arts organisations AIMS (Oxford) and Mental Spaghetti (London) are exhibiting work from 18 artists, 9 from London and 9 from Oxford, both emerging and established, all with lived experience of mental health and/or physical disabilities.

Work ranges from painting, illustration, textile and sculpture, and will give an invaluable insight into the relationship between art, health and wellbeing as communication whilst navigating through life.

All our artists have incredible life stories and will be sharing intimate accounts of experiences and emotions that many of us have experienced but have been reluctant to share.

Expect dream-like worlds, fond memories, autobiographical fantasy realms and the cataloguing of experience.

Artwork by Jason Randall

In addition to finished pieces, there will be sketchbooks, notations and illustrated diaries on display, offering an illuminating view of the creative journey from ideas to finished pieces.

Artists are showing new, never exhibited, pieces and existing work. This exhibition is also chance to see work from previous collections that have not been exhibited in years.

The exhibition runs from Saturday 4th June until Tuesday 4th July. A drinks reception will be held on Saturday 11th June, from 2-4pm, with a chance to meet and talk to the artists involved.

Full list of exhibiting artists:

AIMS artists
Terrentius Andersohn, Dennis Day, Augus Davidge, Alistair Franklin, Yvonne Mabs Francis, Jason Randall, Luna Rain, Anthony Tozer, Sarah Warren.

Mental Spaghetti Artists
Tim Bradford, Emma Duggan, Terence Wilde, Laura Greenway, John Moore, Li Williams, Mikey Georgeson, Marie-Louise Plum, Jan Arden.

Mental Spaghetti contact: email / @mentalspaghetti /
AIMS contact: email

What Goes On In the Mind
The Gallery
Oxford Town Hall
St Aldate’s

Opening times: Mon-Sat, 10am-5pm

Help The Horsfall, Manchester

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We need YOU to help us make this happen, and as well as that inevitable feel good feeling; you can select a lovely reward too!

Read on for more information on our project. There is a video at the end of the article.

The Horsfall… A new creative programme bringing together young people and the wider public with artists, mental health practitioners and heritage experts to improve mental wellbeing.

Who are we?

The Horsfall is a creative venue and programme by 42nd Street; an innovative and award winning mental health charity with an excellent 35 year track record. 42nd Street supports young people aged 11-25 years with their emotional well-being and mental health, promoting choice and creativity. We champion young person centred approaches that demonstrate local impact and have national significance.

What is The Horsfall?

The Horsfall is about beautiful art with a useful purpose. We believe that access to art and nature can radically change people’s lives. The venue and programme we have planned will enable us to work with more young people in new ways and to extend the impact of what we do to the wider public.

We’ve been inspired by the little known Ancoats Art Museum; a unique social and artistic experiment established at the end of the 19th Century by Victorian visionary Thomas Horsfall. The Ancoats Art Museum created opportunities for the most disenfranchised people of Manchester to experience beauty in their lives through visits to the gallery, attendance at concerts, classes in woodwork, music and dressmaking and countryside rambles.

We’ve taken his ideas and updated them for the 21st century. In our first year we will work with young people, professional artists, mental health professionals, makers and facilitators to create enthralling and powerful experiences for young people and audiences alike. We have plans for an immersive theatre installation with young carers, public art pieces, mindfulness and art sessions and even a project to invent a new flavour of ice cream.

We will lead the way local and nationally in how we work with young people to reinterpret stories from the past, their own stories and to imagine stories yet to come.

What you can do

Crowdfunding will give us that last piece of the jigsaw to make this amazing project a reality, but if we don’t hit our £15,000 target we get NOTHING… So, if you are yet to pledge we still need you!

Pledge what you can and choose one of our fantastic rewards. They give you a real flavour of what we are about and every penny will contribute to finishing the restoration of The Horsfall into a useful and beautiful space; a resource for young people and the communities around us.

Tell other people about our campaign through Twitter, Facebook and all those social media platforms.

Take inspiration from the words of Thomas Horsfall:
“Be aware of beauty and the wider world, it will give you the mental resources needed to find your way in life.”

The Rewards

No matter how much you can afford to pledge, we’ve got some great rewards for you. Of course, contributing to making The Horsfall a reality is a reward in itself, but we also want to say thank you, so we’ve used our creative skills to make you some beautiful things that money can’t buy anywhere else. We have had some great friends help us out too, so we have made sure to pay this forward and support our local businesses in the design and production of these rewards.”

If you’d like to pledge, visit The Horsfall pledge page. Seven days left!

Writing Workshop at Brunswick East

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Ed, Edd Martin Okoli

What: Writing workshop
When: Tuesday 14th June
Where: Brunswick East, Gillett Street, Dalston, N16 8JH

A writing workshop using exercises to help stimulate creativity, explore one’s self, be a bit playful, and enhance a sense of wellbeing.

Run by Francesca Baker and Martin Okoli, creative writers and arty folk with a passion for finding wellbeing through inspiration and expression.

7pm, Tuesday 14th June
The Exchange @ Brunswick East – 3D Stamford Works
Gillett Street, Dalston
N16 8JH

Workshop is free, but please do purchase from the café and bar, and consider a donation.


More info

Martin Okoli

Francesca Baker