Artist: David Eastens

David Eastens is a prolific artist, whose method is to “build up more layers, adding colours and marks bit by bit.” He’s recently been using “emulsion paint with my acrylic paints, experimenting with different things.” David works on his paintings daily, at home and in the studio, and posts daily on social media. To me,…

Q&A With John Moore, The Rebel magazine

Artist Harry Pye runs The Rebel magazine. He recently interviewed John Moore, who we exhibited at Menier Gallery, about art, music and some things in-between. Please visit The Rebel’s website to see the full interview, and, of course, check out John’s website here.

Ged Melling

A self-portrait of Ged Melling in his younger days. Ged was a British cartoonist, illustrator and painter who suffered from Bipolar Disorder. To find out more about Ged (now sadly deceased) click here.