Roxana Halls donates work to Brighton ‘Safe As Disco’ – EVENT!

Incredible painter, and friend of Mental Spaghetti, Roxana Halls is donating her painting ‘Natalie Laughing’, plus an A3 framed Limited Edition print of ‘Laughing While Leaving’ (one of our personal favourites), to be auctioned at the Safe as Houses disco fundraiser in Brighton this weekend. To be an owner of one of Roxana’s magical paintings…

Hendrick Pinkle.

Hendrick Pinkle and is from Baltimore in the USA. Hendrick has Bipolar disorder and PTSD. Despite feeling “sick and having a hard time getting about” Hendrick likes to make things, art, in the form of paintings, drawings, photographs. Please do check out Hendrick’s awesome website and you’ve seen the paintings below.