Free Space Gallery present Art & Healing

I popped over to Kentish Town Health Centre last week with a friend to check out Free Space’s touring exhibition, Art and Healing. My friend is doing a write-up for the site, so until then I’ll just alert you to its presence and insist you go and have a look at it before it ends on the 19th October.

“An exhibition of work by art therapists and their clients showcases the diverse practice of art therapy and the wide range of people who see it as having changed their lives for the better.”

Free Space are running a free event on Thursday 3rd October…

• Make a creative X-Ray of your body Thursday 3rd October, 4-6.30pm (3 slots)
Art therapy activity exploring the connection between mind and body.
Facilitated by Art Psychotherapist, Maria Galvez
Limited places. Please contact the Free Space Gallery to book.


Nicola Oliver

In 2007 Nicola Oliver suffered a mental breakdown and was subsequently diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. During her illness she produced three very emotive oil paintings. Her story is here. You can buy her artwork here. Nicola is trying to raise money to pay the costs of taking her ex-employers to a tribunal. If you like her work don’t hesitate to buy one of her prints.

‘Mental Breakdown’, oil painting, 60.5cm x 45cm, 2009

‘Recovery’, oil painting, 60.5cm x 45cm, 2009

‘Mentally Well’, oil painting, 60.5cm x 45cm, 2009