Mental Spaghetti, is both an arts organisation and the alter-ego of London based artist, Marie-Louise Plum.

When we work as a group, we are Mental Spaghetti. When Marie-Louise is commissioned as an artist, if it’s relevant, it’s still Mental Spaghetti.

To read more about how Mental Spaghetti came to be, and why, click here.

We are currently an ‘unincorporated organisation’, however the ball has started rolling. We’re formalising ourselves as a social enterprise, and to that end, we are slowly expanding.

We do three things, at three different levels:

  • ARTISTS: Work one-to-one with selected artists we have built a relationship with over time. We mentor, promote, partner with artists, and open doors to art opportunities.
  • EXHIBITIONS: Promote art from people of all ability, who feel marginalised from the mainstream art world, via our blog. We accept online submissions via email. We also share news, articles and features on art and mental health.
  • WORKSHOPS: Facilitate workshops for mental health service users and the general public, to help reduce stigma, enable social interaction and to encourage artistic practice.

People contact us for all kinds of reasons – maybe you want to get in touch with an artist, us to do a talk, art workshop, cover your event or exhibition, maybe just to say hello.

For all enquiries please email Marie-Louise Plum.


Our Team

Marie-Louise Plum
Founder of Mental Spaghetti, lead artist.

Simona Pesce
Artist’s Assistant

Trustees and Steering Committee

Melissa Hardwick – Director, Free Space Gallery.

Kate Keara Pelen – Artist, and Creative Director, The Nomad Cinema